Let’s Learn About the Adirondacks!

Where? or what? are the Adirondacks you may ask.  Since my friend Luz DID ask, here is a blog about it.  Driving 5-6 hours from Manhattan, Boston, or Buffalo towards Montreal you will find a quiet, forested, mountainous area with many lakes and few people.  The Adirondack Park (aka ‘ADK’ or ‘the ‘dacks’) in Northern… Continue reading Let’s Learn About the Adirondacks!

Ugghhh. “Unprecedented”. I hate that word.

I’ve fallen into several rabbit holes during quarantine. No, not literally although some of you wouldn’t be surprised.  I’ve been preoccupied with WWF (thank you to my WordsWithFriends friends, who apparently are likewise obsessed), baking, swimming, hiking, baking some more, and reading, reading, reading.  Thus, no blog for a while. It was a beautiful summer… Continue reading Ugghhh. “Unprecedented”. I hate that word.